Triangle low White Black
Triangle low White Black
Triangle low White Black

Triangle low White Black

מחיר רגיל 1,399.00 ₪ מחיר מבצע 299.00 ₪ חסוך 1,100.00 ₪

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Triangle low In order to ensure a seamless presentation of the design, the leather upper is combined with a custom made rubber sole that is carefully crafted to match the fluidity of the body. The result is a sophisticated presentation of a unified silhouette on the lateral faces of the sneaker. Comfort is paramount, so we made sure the ankles are aptly padded and the insoles have arch support. Wear yours casual or formal, we think it looks great either way.


Nappa Leather Uppers
Custom Leather Lining
Rubber Sile
Cotton Laces



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